General Meeting, April 11, 2014

Steve Vertlieb & Craig Ellis Jamison

Steve Vertlieb is a cinema archivist, journalist, historian and film music educator. A former on-air TV reviewer of film and prolific writer, he has been a consultant on numerous projects, including an appearance in the 2006 award winning documentary Kreating Karloff, and as consultant on Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary Restoration of Merion C. Cooper's original King Kong.  He is widely considered one of the nation's foremost experts on the legendary "Great Ape" with numerous articles on the subject, including the lead chapter in the volume The Girl in the Hairy Paw.

As an archivist, Vertlieb has a considerable collection of celebrity correspondence, along with other rare movie memorabilia. As film historian and journalist / author, he has a lifetime of personal and professional relationships with names as varied as Ray Bradbury, Billy Wilder, David Amram, Peter Cushing, Ray Harryhausen, Robert Bloch, Buster Crabbe, John Agar, composers Lee Holdridge, James Bernard and Mark McKenzie, Hammer Studio's iconic actress Veronica Carlson and more. Vertlieb has been considered by some to be this generation's Forrest J. Ackerman.

He is currently being made the subject of a documentary - Steve Vertlieb: The Man who 'Saved' the Movies - by Craig Ellis Jamison, the director / writer / co-producer of the project. Based in Philadelphia, PA , Craig is author of the screenplays Necessary Evil, O.T., Shattercloud, The Secret Song, Rough Assemblage, Fathom, 13 O'Clock, Negative Ingenuity, Kiss Me Forever, Camp David (with Alexander Torres), Bottled Lightning Inc., and the book "Standard Issue: The James Bond Trivia Quiz Challenge".

He is webmaster of the GullCottage / Sandlot online film blog / library as well as it's YouTube channels, "Bear Mann TunePlay" Film Music and "Flying Bear Film School" Film Documentaries. He is creator / co-host of the podcast series "The Grindhouse: with Craig and Jim".


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